Becoming Pinkognito

Pink is everywhere, especially in my birth month of October. People buy it and wear it with the full intention of showing support for those of us who’ve fought breast cancer. They use words like “boobs, tata’s, and Survivor” with the best of intentions for increasing the funding and focus on finding a cure for this horrible illness. However, what is not acceptable in the mainstream is the discussion of the truth about fighting, enduring, and the challenges associated with soldiering on after active treatment is over. After several years of attempting to get back to normal, I’m realizing that goal is absolutely impossible to achieve. While I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, I’ve learned so much on this journey that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Recently, I’ve felt compelled to put these thoughts and challenges into words in the hope of helping one person feel a little less alone. I’m starting this blog with the intention of pursuing a more healing lifestyle while discovering my next direction in this journey called life. Because I’m a high school teacher in a small town (and hoping to leave the profession soon for the sake of my mental health), for now I must share anonymously. Welcome to the Pinkognito Warrior Page. If you are a survivor, I hope you find some comfort here. If you’re in the fight, I wish you peace and strength. And if you know and love a breast cancer warrior, I pray that the words found here will increase your understanding and empathy for those of us who are doing our best to keep showing up every day. 

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